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1. Nippon Maru Memorial Park


Nippon Maru Memorial Park

💳 Admission: 600 ¥

🕒 Open: 10:00-17:00

After leaving the Sakuragicho Station in Yokohama through the east exit you can find after around 5 min walk on your right hand side the Sail Training Ship "Nippon Maru". It was built in 1930 as a training ship for cadets. You can actually enter the ship as it's a part of the museum.

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2. Landmark Tower


Landmark Tower

💳 Admission: 1,000 ¥

🕒 Open: 10:00-21:00

From the Observatory of the Landmark Tower you have one of the best views above Yokohama. You have a great view to the harbor area with its Nippon Maru Memorial Park, the Cosmoworld & the Ferris wheel. If you want to see the city at daytime it's the beginning of this tour. To see it at nighttime just walk the tour backwards.


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3. Cosmo World


Cosmo World

💳 Admission: - ¥

🕒 Open: 11:00-20:00/22:00

The Cosmo World with its "Game corner" is part of the amuse theme park. The entry of this part is free of charge to enter. It contains a couple of fun ride stores and crane games.


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4. Cosmo Clock 21

Cosmo Clock 21

💳 Admission: 1,100 ¥

🕒 Open: 11:00-20:00/22:00

The Ferris wheel in the harbor of Yokohama is one of the iconic landmarks in Yokohama. It's part of the theme park which also includes a roller coaster. The Ferris wheel shines like the one in Tokyo, Odaiba in several colors at nighttime.


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5. Red Brick Warehouse


Red Brick Warehouse

💳 Admission: - ¥

🕒 Open: 11:00-20:00

The warehouse is actually a small mall which contains next to fashion and handcraft stores also a food court

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6. Pier View Point


Pier View Point

💳 Admission: - ¥

🕒 Open: From 10 - All day long

The pier offers you a nice walk way which ends in a wide view of the port area of Yokohama and the Yokohama Bay Bridge. You can skip it if you want to safe some energy.

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7. Chinatown



💳 Admission: - ¥

🕒 Open: All day long

The Chinatown in Yokohama is the biggest Chinatown in the entire world. There are several temples, restaurants and stores. Everywhere are lanterns and dragons made of paper. A must see when you plan a trip to the second biggest city in Japan Yokohama (population wise).

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