Midtown & fushimi Inari

Duration: ~3h

1. Hachiko Statue

  • completed in 1948

  • second statue at university of Tokyo

  • master: Hidesaburou Ueno

  • second version, first was melted down during the war

  • first version from 1934

  • famous photo and meeting spot


2. Shibuya Crossing (Scramble)

  • known for movies like Resident Evil: Retribution and Afterlife" or The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift

  • called Scramble

  • up to 1,000 pedestrians within a single green phase

  • busiest interception in the world


3. Downtown Shibuya

  • shopping street

  • nightclubs & bars

  • main spot for Halloween

  • various restaurants



4. Mega Don Quijote

  • big warehouse chain

  • biggest Don Quijote in Japan

  • variety of all kind of goods

  • moraine in shop window


5. Disney Store

  • shop

  • unique architecture

  • variety of Disney goods

  • free entry


6. Event Plaza (mostly on weekends)

  • outdoor

  • several food/good boxes

  • changing events

  • free entry


7. Yoyogi Park

  • biggest public park in Tokyo

  • one of the top places for cherry blossom

  • not connected with the Meiji Shrine

  • free entry


8+9. Meiji Shrine

  • completed in 1920

  • special ceremonies

  • several big Gates(Tori)

  • free admission


"Check out the youtube video to get a first impression about the place. It's good to see what you can expect and if it's worth it. Kind of going there by yourself without really going!"


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