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1. Harajuku Station


Harajuku Station

💳 Admission: normal train ticket ¥

🕒 Open: ~ last train

You can reach Harajuku by using the Yamanote line (it's the circle line and green) or by metro with the Chiyoda line (dark green but metro and the Fukutoshin Line (brown). If you come by Yamanote line get off the train in the middle of the platform and find the exit called "Takeshita Exit". It's the exit which brings you downstairs. After taking this exit you will find yourself instantly in front of the famous walking street "Takeshita street". Just cross the street and you can start your amazing adventure. If you come by metro take the exit 2 and walk down the hill where the Takeshita Street will be on your right side.

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2. Takeshita Street


Takeshita Street

💳 Admission: - ¥

🕒 Open: All day long

A super crowded shopping street for sightseeing goods. On your way you'll find a lot of extraordinaire food like famous rainbow cotton candy or many exotic types of Crepes. Or maybe you are more interested in animal cafes? Good for you, here you can enjoy your cafe while pleasing a micro pig or a Mameshiba. Prizes are around 10 $ for 30 mins. Or better just a T-shirt or Japanese hand fan? No worries here you will find everything! Take your time and enjoy the busy street.

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3. Line & Friends Store


Line & Friends

💳 Admission: - ¥

🕒 Open: 11:00-21:00

Discover the participants from the local messenger app "Line". "Line" is original from South Korea and is like "Whatsapp" for western countries the common messenger in Japan. For sure like everything else in Japan really Kawaii (Cute). Go line up for the picture with the huge teddy bear!

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4. Kawaii Monster Cafe


Kawaii Monster Cafe

💳 Admission: 500+ ¥

🕒 Open: 11:30-15:20 / 18:00-22:00

Have you visit the Kawaii Monster Cafe? If not it's a funny thing to do. Go deep into the world of small cute monsters like "Hello Kitty". Definitely a nice spot to make some colorful pictures for your Instagram account. As you can read in a lot of reviews is the location and especially the food really nice to see but not really tasty. So be prepared when you go there. Don't eat to much! Better spend your time in making pic's!

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5. Tokyu Plaza


Tokyu Plaza

💳 Admission: - ¥

🕒 Open: 11:00-21:00

The Tokyu Plaza in Harajuku is one of the best Places to make an insane picture especially on a sunny day. There for go into the Plaza. After you passed the first escalator you have to turn around and voila you found the best spot for another wonderful Instagram pic!

Furthermore you can go to the 6th floor  there you can find a hidden Starbucks with a wonderful rooftop chill lounge. Perfect if you need a short break from walking around. Your feeds will thank you!

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6. Small street fashion street


Small street-fashion street

💳 Admission: - ¥

🕒 Open: Stores close ~ 21:00

This hidden street is full of street fashion. Are you looking for some Jordan shoes, limited edition? Then you are here on the right spot. Some shoes reach really high prices tho. Maybe you are able to find here shoes you couldn't get somewhere else. Everywhere you look and go you will find shoes and other kinds of fashion. The story to the shild with the print "NO SEXUAL SERVICES" would intrest me a bit I have to say. If you are not interesested of street fashion just skip this part and walk straight to the overpass and cross the Omote-Sando Dori (Street).

7. Cat Street


Cat Street

💳 Admission: - ¥

🕒 Open: Stores close ~ 21:00

In this neighborhood you can find many small stores to buy fashion. One rule here, get lost and walk around. So many hidden spots in this local area with a bunch of little side roads. A dream for every discoverer.

The offer also includes used designer clothes if you are interested. You can find them in the store called Ragtag. For people who are into the pet cafes its probably a must to visit the bunny cafe around. For the rest just eat at Luke's Lobster a bread, line up for a pancake at "flippers" or try at "Oreryu" a really good Ramen.

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8. Omote-Sando Street


Omote-Sando Street

💳 Admission: - ¥

🕒 Open: Stores close ~ 21:00

Use your time to go on a shopping tour in Omote-Sando. There are many high end designer stores locaded. Just walk down the street and find stores like Dior, Luis Vitton or Prada. Also if you're lucky you may be able to see the Street Kart tour with the funny costumes. Or you can check out the Kiddyland with ton of small and big toys for kids like Pokemon or the Anime's from Ghibli.

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9. Commune 2nd


Commune 2nd

💳 Admission: - ¥

🕒 Open: 09:30-20:00

Commune 2nd is a perfect spot to eat & drink something. You can find small food cottages and a food court in the middle where you can relax and sit. Feeling like eating a burger in a live music ambient? There is often a DJ which provides you with a nice music. The whole area around Commune 2nd is packed with small stores like bakeries and small designer stores. It's definitely a worth it to get a bit lost here. 


By the way if you still haven't find something to buy in Omote-Sando or in this small side streets you should try Ginza. How to come there? Just take the Metro (Ginza Line) we just passed at the interception.

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