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The first Hachiko Statue was build in 1934 to honor the loyalty of the dog Hachiko to its master Hidesaburou Ueno. It was in 1934 when Hachiko was still alive and the people valued the loyality of this little akita inu. The sculptor was Teru Ando who died in 1945. 

But the statue was not for long at it's place. During the World War II it got melted down for war purposes.

The new statue was dedicated in 1948 - 3 years after World War II. The sculptor this time was the son of Teru Ando - Take­shi Ando. 


The Hachiko statue is directly in front of the JR Station Shibuya by taking the "Hachiko Exit".


Nice to know

The Hachiko story is about the professor Hidesaburou Ueno and his dog. The professor was used to take the train from the Shibuya station to his work place the Tokyo imperial University in Ueno. His dog would always pick him up when he returns. One day the professor got a cerebral hemorrhage at the university and never returned. Nevertheless Hachiko continued coming to the station every day for around 10 more years in hope to see its master again, until it died.

There is a movie with Richard Gere called "Hachiko". 

There is another statue of the professor and Hachiko at the university of Tokyo.

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