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1. Kaminarimon



💳 Admission: - ¥

🕒 Open: all day long

The Asakusa area starts with the impressive Kaminarimon Gate. In the gate the Shinto gods Fujin (wind) & Raijin (thunder) take place in form of sculptures. The Kaminarimon herald the wonderful Asakusa area which begins with the gate.

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2. Nakamise Shopping Street


Nakamise Shopping Street

💳 Admission: - ¥

🕒 Open: 10:00 ~ 17:00

Make your way to the Sensoji Temple Shrine through this 250 m long shopping street. You can find in the Nakamise Shopping Street several sweets, snacks and for sure a lot of souvenirs. The  Nakamise Shopping Street is one of the oldest and most famous ones in Tokyo.

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3. Hozomon Gate


Hozomon Gate

💳 Admission: - ¥

🕒 Open: All day long

In the end of the Nakamise Shopping Street you will find the inner gate of the Sensoji Temple the Hozomon Gate which was made in 942. Together with the nearby five-story high pagoda it's a perfect picture spot and probably the best in the whole Asakusa area. The two sculptures inside the gate represent "Agyo" and "Ungyo" which are modeled from two famous Sumo wrestlers.

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4. Sensoji Temple


Sensoji Temple (Asakusa Kannon Temple)

💳 Admission: - ¥

🕒 Open: 09:00-05:00 h

Build in 645 the Sensoji is the oldest temple in Tokyo. In front of the Main hall (Kannondo Hall) you can find a  place to pray and put the joss sticks inside the sand. Upstairs in front of the inner sanctum (naijin) is a box to throw money inside and pray (take the golden 5 yen coin to throw). Enjoy also the ponds at the west side of the Main hall.


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5. Rokku District

Rokku District

💳 Admission: - ¥

🕒 Open: 11:00-22:00

The entertainment district contains several restaurants, shops and cafes. Also there is a Don Quijote and game center. In the beginning of the Rokku District is a small stand to buy the best Melon pan in Tokyo. Find it on the map.


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6. Hoppy Street


Hoppy Street

💳 Admission: - ¥

🕒 Open: All day long

The Hoppy Street is located in the west of the Sensoji Temple in the Rokku district. This narrow street contains several Japanese bars (Izakaya) and is part of the nightlife in Tokyo. The street got its name thanks to the hoppy drink what is kind of a beer with less alcohol.


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7. Denboin Street


Denboin Street

💳 Admission: - ¥

🕒 Open: 11:00~20:00

The Denboin Street has some old traditional stores and food stands. One of the Food stands is quite popular to the Japanese people. On certain days you will find a bunch of Japanese people in Kimonos eating the small delicacy. It's kind of a meatball with onions and interesting seasonings inside.

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8. Shin Nakamise

Shin Nakamise

💳 Admission: - ¥

🕒 Open: 11:00-20:00

The Shin Nakamise Street also called "Shinnaka" with a length of around 380 m is like in Kyoto a roof toped arcade street with tons of souvenir shops, drug stores and cafes. For sure there is also another Mame Shiba cafe.

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9. Asahi Headquarter


Asahi Headquarter

💳 Admission: - ¥

🕒 Open: 10:00-22:00

For everyone who is curious about the strange building on the other side of the Sumida River it's the headquarter of the beer producer "Asahi". The golden building with the white roof reminds on a beer. The strange golden squiggle on the top of the small black building is the Asahi flame and is called the "Golden Flame".

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9. Tokyo Skytree Tower


Tokyo Skytree Tower

💳 Admission: 2.100-4.200 ¥

🕒 Open: 08:00-22:00

With 632 m the Tokyo Skytree Tower is the tallest tower in the world. This impressive tower shines even brighter at nighttime. To visit the observation deck please notice following. It is very crowded during the weekend. If you to visit the Skytree Tower on a weekend it could be better to buy the more expensive ticket. It can save you easily 2 h of waiting in the line.


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